About The D'paripari

♥  Frens call me Dee / Nanu
♥  I'm 20 y/o . 20011992
Bintulu, Sarawak
♥  Me in the next year ~ further study. Amin
♥  Love blogging & facebooking
♥  Simple. I wears t-shirt and jeans with sandal
♥  I'm alergic to make-up and dressing!
♥  Left-handed but i can write with my right hand on the whiteboard
♥  I love my family and of course my little D
♥  Who's D?  D is stand for Dee ; myself

 Any question? Ask my mother  :D
Just kidding  (^^,)
Nice to meet you guys!

xoxo, Dee 

Lotsa love, Dee. Don't forgot to like yah ! ♥

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